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Friday, 12 August 2011

Simulation Modeling in Health

Medical Decision Making’s July/August edition is devoted to simulation modeling.  The articles, including two from HEDS and CHEBS, are:

Exploring the Unknown and the Unknowable with Simulation Models
Cross-Model Comparisons to Improve the Value of Modeling: The Case of Colorectal Cancer Screening
Using Models to Make Policy: An Inflection Point?
Exploring Model Structure
A Systematic Comparison of Microsimulation Models of Colorectal Cancer: The Role of Assumptions about Adenoma Progression
Clarifying Differences in Natural History between Models of Screening: The Case of Colorectal Cancer
How Does Early Detection by Screening Affect Disease Progression?: Modeling Estimated Benefits in Prostate Cancer Screening
Simulation of Quality-Adjusted Survival in Chronic Diseases: An Application in Type 2 Diabetes
Bayesian Inference for Comorbid Disease Risks Using Marginal Disease Risks and Correlation Information From a Separate Source
Can Life Expectancy and QALYs Be Improved by a Framework for Deciding Whether to Apply Clinical Guidelines to Patients With Severe Comorbid Disease?
Integrating Health Economics Into the Product Development Cycle: A Case Study of Absorbable Pins for Treating Hallux Valgus
Calibrating Models
Estimating the Unknown Parameters of the Natural History of Metachronous Colorectal Cancer Using Discrete-Event Simulation
Bayesian Calibration of a Natural History Model with Application to a Population Model for Colorectal Cancer
Representing Uncertainty in Models
A Concise Equation That Captures the Essential Elements of One-Way Sensitivity Analyses in Health Economic Models
The Combined Analysis of Uncertainty and Patient Heterogeneity in Medical Decision Models
A Framework for Addressing Structural Uncertainty in Decision Models
Accounting for Methodological, Structural, and Parameter Uncertainty in Decision-Analytic Models: A Practical Guide

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