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Monday, 8 August 2011

Latest journal articles from HEDS

The following articles were published by researchers within HEDS in July (plus a few stragglers from earlier in the year).

What are the barriers to primary prevention of type 2 diabetes in black and minority ethnic groups in the UK? A qualitative evidence synthesis.
Johnson M, Everson-Hock E, Jones R, Woods HB, Payne N, Goyder E
Diabetes Res Clin Pract 11 Jul 2011

Understanding the effect of disease adaptation information on general population values for hypothetical health states.
McTaggart-Cowan H, Tsuchiya A, O'Cathain A, Brazier J
Soc Sci Med 72(11):1904-1912 Jun 2011

The effectiveness of training and support for carers and other professionals on the physical and emotional health and well-being of looked-after children and young people: a systematic review.
Everson-Hock ES, Jones R, Guillaume L, Clapton J, Goyder E, Chilcott J, Payne N, Duenas A, Sheppard LM, Swann C
Child Care Health Dev 27 May 2011

Valuing states from multiple measures on the same visual analogue sale: a feasibility study.
Rowen D, Brazier J, Tsuchiya A, Alava MH
Health Econ 27 May 2011

It's All in the Name, or Is It? The Impact of Labeling on Health State Values.
Rowen D, Brazier J, Tsuchiya A, Young T, Ibbotson R
Med Decis Making 17 Jun 2011

Predicting gestational trophoblastic neoplasia (GTN): Is urine hCG the answer?
Alazzam M, Young T, Coleman R, Hancock B, Drew D, Wilson P, Tidy J
Gynecol Oncol 17 Jun 2011

A thematic analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of manufacturers' submissions to the NICE Single Technology Assessment (STA) process.
Carroll C, Kaltenthaler E, Fitzgerald P, Boland A, Dickson R
Health Policy 13 Jul 2011

The impact of adding an extra dimension to a preference-based measure.
Brazier J, Rowen D, Tsuchiya A, Yang Y, Young TA
Soc Sci Med 73(2):245-253 Jul 2011

Clinical Decision Rules for Adults With Minor Head Injury: A Systematic Review
Harnan SE, Pickering A, Pandor A, Goodacre SW
J TRAUMA 71(1):245-251 Jul 2011

Systematic review of clinical effectiveness of allopurinol in treating gout, compared to febuxostat, among patients with confirmed diagnosis of gout
Zurmi IB, Abdulkareem IH, Carroll C

Best-worst scaling vs. discrete choice experiments: An empirical comparison using social care data
Potoglou D, Burge P, Flynn T, Netten A, Malley J, Forder J, Brazier JE
SOC SCI MED 72(10):1717-1727 May 2011

The effects of target characteristics on the sighting and arrest of offenders at burglary emergencies
Coupe T, Blake L
SECUR J 24(2):157-178 Apr 2011

Reducing the Floor Effect in the SF-6D: A Feasibility Study
Ferreira LN, Ferreira PL, Pereira LN, Rowen D
Applied Research in Quality of Life 1-16 2011

How the web was won ... by some
Tattersall A, Murphy J
Health Information and Libraries Journal 2011

Using rasch analysis to form plausible health states amenable to valuation: The development of CORE-6D from a measure of common mental health problems (CORE-OM)
Mavranezouli I, Brazier JE, Young TA, Barkham M
Quality of Life Research 20(3):321-333 2011

Public involvement in the systematic review process in health and social care: A narrative review of case examples
Boote J, Baird W, Sutton A
Health Policy 2011