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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Latest journal articles from HEDS

The following articles were published by researchers within HEDS in May (plus a few stragglers from earlier in the year).

Botulinum Toxin for the Upper Limb After Stroke (BoTULS) Trial: Effect on Impairment, Activity Limitation, and Pain.
Shaw LC, Price CI, van Wijck FM, Shackley P, Steen N, Barnes MP, Ford GA, Graham LA, Rodgers H, on behalf of the BoTULS Investigators
Stroke 42(5):1371-1379 May 2011 DOI

Cross-Sectional Study into the Costs and Impact on Family Functioning of 4-Year-Old Children with Aggressive Behavior.
Raaijmakers MA, Posthumus JA, van Hout BA, van Engeland H, Matthys W
Prev Sci 03 Mar 2011 DOI

A note on dealing with missing standard errors in meta-analyses of continuous outcome measures in WinBUGS.
Stevens JW
Pharm Stat 11 Mar 2011 DOI

Evidence review group approaches to the critical appraisal of manufacturer submissions for the NICE STA process: a mapping study and thematic analysis.
Kaltenthaler E, Boland A, Carroll C, Dickson R, Fitzgerald P, Papaioannou D
Health Technol Assess 15(22):1-82 May 2011 DOI

Assessing the Performance of a New Generic Measure of Health-Related Quality of Life for Children and Refining it for Use in Health State Valuation.
Stevens K
Appl Health Econ Health Policy 9(3):157-169 01 May 2011 DOI

A uniform time trade off method for states better and worse than dead: feasibility study of the ‘lead time’ approach
Devlin NJ, Tsuchiya A, Buckingham K, Tilling C
Health Econ 20(3):348-361 Mar 2011 DOI

Clinical decision rules for children with minor head injury: A systematic review
Pickering A, Harnan S, Fitzgerald P, Pandor A, Goodacre S
Archives of Disease in Childhood 96(5):414-421 2011