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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Value-based pricing proposals published

Published today, open for consultation until 17th March.  Cutting to the chase.....

“....under the new system of value-based pricing, the Government would apply weightings to the benefits provided by new medicines, which would imply a range of price thresholds reflecting the maximum we are prepared to pay for medicines. These thresholds or maximum prices would be explicitly adjusted to reflect a broader range of relevant factors so they could be used to calculate the full value of a new product.

The Government proposes that the price threshold structure is determined as follows:
  1. there would be a basic threshold, reflecting the benefits displaced elsewhere in the NHS when funds are allocated to new medicines;
  2. there would be higher thresholds for medicines that tackle diseases where there is greater “burden of illness”: the more the medicine is focused on diseases with unmet need or which are particularly severe, the higher the threshold;
  3. there would be higher thresholds for medicines that can demonstrate greater therapeutic innovation and improvements compared with other products;
  4. there would be higher thresholds for medicines that can demonstrate wider societal benefits.”
A response form is available on the same site as the consultation document (here).  I suggest you use it.