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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Credible NHS?

In a report released on Dec 14, the House of Commons Health Select Committee expresses the following views on the credibility of the government's plans for the NHS:
  •  Depending on spending decisions by individual councils, the social care sector will need to deliver efficiency gains of up to 3.5% per annum throughout the Spending Review period to avoid reducing their levels of care.
  • The distribution of £1 billion for social care from the NHS revenue budget represents a step in the right direction for the closer integration of services.
  • There are no estimates for the costs of reorganisation suggested in the White Paper. Additionally, there is some concern about a possible fall in quality in the transitional period while reorganisation takes place
  • The QIPP programme is the tool available to healthcare to make efficiencies. However, the scale of the challenge is so immense that QIPP will need to demonstrate clear savings early in order to provide the savings programme towards the £15–20 billion goal (the Nicholson challenge). For example, can we expect services to at least maintain the same level with 40% tariff cuts?
  • It is unlikely that the Government’s commitment to a real terms increase in health funding throughout the Spending Review period will be met.
Full report available here.